Chandler & Buckeye, Arizona – KCHD KBXK

To meet the flight experience requirements for the commercial pilot certificate one must log a 300 nautical mile solo cross country flight, with at least 3 landing points, and one of the legs being of at least 250 nautical miles. To meet this requirement, I chose to complete a flight from French Valley (F70) – Chandler (KCHD) – Buckeye (KBXK) – French Valley (F70). This flight was a total of 536 nautical miles with the longest leg being 268 nautical miles.

Chandler Municipal Airport is located in Chandler, Arizona about 20 miles southeast of Phoenix, AZ. KCHD is a located in class D airspace and has two parallel runways 4L/R and 22L/R with the longest runway being 4,870ft. The airport and airspace is busy but easy to get in and out of with the help of Chandler tower and Phoenix Approach control.

Buckeye Municipal Airport is located in Buckeye, Arizona which is 35 miles west of Phoenix, AZ. KBXK is an uncontrolled airport located in class G airspace. It has one north/south heading runway (17/35) that is 5,500 ft long. The airport is set apart some distance from the town of Buckeye but from their website appears to be active providing glider rides and instruction and parachute operations.

Chandler Airport (KCHD)

Buckeye Airport (KBXK)

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