Independance: 2O7

For this flight, I rented a 180hp Cessna 172 from Black Mountain Air Service and departed from Bishop (KBIH) to Independence (2O7). Independence airport is located in the Owens Valley boarder by the Sierra Nevada Mountains to the west and Inyo and White Mountains to the east. The Owens Valley is one of the deepest valleys in the United States with a floor elevation of 3,556ft  with neighboring peaks reaching above 14,000ft on both sides. The tallest peak in the contiguous United States is Mount Whitney to the west at 14,505ft. Independence is one of three airports in the Owens Valley. Bishop to the north and Lone Pine to the southern being the other two. Like many other airports it was built during World War Two to help train pilots from a flight school in Lone. Pine. The airport is located along Highway 395 at an elevation of 3908ft. There are two runways 14/32 and 05/23. Runway 14/32 is the primary runway as 05/23 is restricted to use only during extreme crosswind conditions.


IMG_1778edited IMG_1776edited IMG_1733 IMG_1726 IMG_1721 IMG_1798edited IMG_1802edited IMG_1794edited IMG_1803edited IMG_1809edited IMG_1817edited

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