Ontario: KONT

Ontario International Airport is a large airport primarily used by commercial operators and air taxis. The airport is located within Class C Airspace and operates two parallel runways. 26R/8L is 12,198ft and 26L/8R is 10,200ft long. For this flight, I contacted March Approach after departing French Valley (F70) for Flight Following. They handed me off to SoCal Approach who had me fly direct to the Paradise VOR and then vectoring me to the approach before contacting Ontario Tower. Ontario Tower cleared me to land on 26R behind a Boeing 737. Landing behind an aircraft of that size can create hazardous wake turbulence to a smaller airplane like the Cessna 172 I’m flying. Therefore, I kept my flight path above the Boeing 737 and landed past his touchdown point on the runway.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 8.54.59 PM


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