Long Beach – Daugherty Field: KLGB

Long Beach has three active runways. Two parallel runways 7L/25R at 6,191ft long and 7R/25L at 5,421ft long and a long intersecting runway oriented 12/30 at 10,003ft long. Like many airports in Southern California it had major military use starting in 1928 lasting through World War Two. The airport is currently used by civilians, six airline, and two cargo companies. Flying in and out of this airport and surrounding airspace is rather simple using SOCAL Approach for Flight Following. While we remained outside of most of the airspace, this service puts you in communication with air traffic control to coordinate all the clearances through the airspaces and provide traffic advisories when possible. On this particular flight the air was relatively smooth with what seemed like over 100 nautical mile visibility as the photos can testify.

F70 to KLGB





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