Meadows Bakersfield – KBFL

Meadows – Bakersfield is located in Class D airspace North of Los Angeles and in the southern part of the California’s Central Valley. The airport is serviced with two parallel runways 12/30 at an elevation of 510 feet and provides ILS, RNAV, AND VOR approaches. Meadows is one of only two airports in the Central Valley providing commercial flights. American Airlines and United offer a couple flights a day.

This was a chosen destination on this particular date to accomplish the cross country requirement for the Instrument Rating.  To qualify for the Instrument Rating, an applicant must complete a filed IFR flight of at least 250 nautical miles and make three different instrument approaches. Bakersfield was the first of three approaches on this trip. For the approach into Bakersfield we flew the FASTO TWO Standard Terminal Arrival Route (STAR). This took us over Lake Hughes VOR, IBWEN, and then to FASTO where we intercepted and flew the Landing Instrument System (ILS) Runway 30 approach. IMG_2736





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