Agua Caliente: L54

Agua Caliente is an unattended airstrip located in the beautiful and rugged Anza Borrego Desert. The airstrip is within walking distance of Agua Caliente County Park which has geothermal hot spring pools and campsites.  The airstrip is relatively short at 2,500ft long and unique in that there is a 460ft hill 1/2 miles west of the field. Therefore, wind permitting landing is recommended to the west while taking off to the east away from the rising terrain.

F70 to L54IMG_0354IMG_0356IMG_0361IMG_0377IMG_0378IMG_0390IMG_0391IMG_0395

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2 Responses to Agua Caliente: L54

  1. Scott Brice says:

    I love seeing all the old airports, brings me back to my CFI days in 2004 at KPOC. So many airports scattered throughout the desert…

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