John Wayne-Orange County: KSNA

John Wayne – Orange County airport is located in the heart of Orange County California. The airport is an international airport with air carrier operations from airlines such as Southwest, American, United, Alaska, and Delta. With a heavy flow of traffic coming in and out of this airport, it is designated as Class C airspace as noted by the magenta lines around the airport. Class B airspace is the only larger type of airspace around an airport found at Los Angeles and San Diego International airports in Southern California. Landing and departing John Wayne is rather easy as the controllers with SoCal Approach clear you through the various airpsaces and hand you off to John Wayne tower. The airport has two parallel runways. 20R is 5,701ft long and primarily used by the air carriers and 20L is 2,887ft long and used by general aviation aircraft. While, I have flown through the airspace a number of different times to smaller airports in the area this was the first time landing at a Class C airport. You find much of what you would at other controlled airports just the frequency is much busier and it requires you to be more attentive and better prepared.


Former Marine Corps Air Station El Toro

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