Catalina – KAVX

Catalina’s Airport is privately owned but open to the public. It is located about 25 miles offshore depending where you cross the channel. The airport is commonly referred to as the “Airport in the Sky” due to the fact that it’s located on an island and sits at an elevation of 1,602ft. The 3000 x 75 ft runway is not only unique because of its cliff top location but also because the runway has a crest in the middle giving the illusion that the runway is much shorter than it really is. I was unable to take photographs the two times I have landed Catalina. The photographs below are from under the Creative Commons license.

Photo by Gregory Jordan

Photo by Kyle Harmon

Photo by Kyle Harmon

Photo by Kyle Harmon

Photo by Kyle Harmon

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1 Response to Catalina – KAVX

  1. R. Anderson says:

    Don’t try landing here without some good brakes,decent STOL characteristics, and an intimate knowledge of the aircraft you are flying! OR, someone who’s landed here before ride’n shotgun.

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