Van Nuys – KVNY

Van Nuys airport was the second of three approaches to meet the flight experience requirements towards an instrument rating. After departing Meadows Filed – Bakersfield on an instrument flight plan, we flew the VOR-B approach and landed on 16 Right at Van Nuys. Upon landing, we taxied back, picked up an IFR clearance to French Valley – F70 to complete the third and final RNAV approach.

Van Nuys, located in the San Fernando Valley, is the busiest general aviation airport in the United States. Van Nuys is a towered airport in Class D airspace operating parallel runways 16R and 16L.  The documentary One Six Right: The Romance of Flying features the history of Van Nuys airport and the value of general aviation to the region and country.


ATC vectored us to Grans Intersection which is the Intermediate Approach fix where we intercepted the 155 degree radial and flew the course inbound.

KVNY VOR-B Approach Plate


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